(Certainly not the most important aspect in a puzzle game!)

As a soldier serving somewhere in the Middle East, you have to close all the platforms on each level. Starting on the Entry Platform and jumping towards the Exit Platform you have to close the others.

There is a time limit given to every level (see the counter in the bottom left-hand corner) – if the time is out, the level cannot be completed. Also note that you cannot fall too far or you will die. Fortunately, you have unlimited lives so you may start over and over again.

The game state (a list of unlocked levels) is saved automatically after you reach an unexplored level.


Starting on the ENTRY platform you have to close all the other platforms before reaching the EXIT platform. REGULAR platforms slide shut as you step off them. But many of the platforms have special powers: for example the Horizontal Shutter platform can close all the platforms in the same row and the Bounce platforms can fire our hero in some direction.

If all the platforms have shut before you reach the exit within a given time limit, you will be promoted to the next level.

Entry Platform
The platform you are standing on at the beginning of a level.
Regular Platform
It closes when you jump off it.
Safe Platform
It’s so safe that it never closes.
Numered Platforms
They have to be visited in sequential order, otherwise you’ll not be promoted to a higher level.
Delayed Platform
It will remain open for about 15 seconds after you move off it, so you’ll be able to revisit it before it closes.
Cycle Platform
It slides in and out continually so you’ll have to time your jump carefully. It won’t slide out if you’re standing on it. Visiting them is not always mandatory.
Bounce Down
Closes the moment you reach it. If there are no platforms below, you will die.
Bounce Up
You will be fired upwards (two squares upwards) when you reach it.
Bounce Up Right
Bounce Up Right – You will be fired up right (two platforms to the right and two upwards) when you reach it.
Bounce Up Left
Bounce Up Left – You will be fired up left (two platforms to the left and two upwards) when you reach it.
poz. zamykacz
Horizontal Shutter
After you jump off it, it will close all the platforms in the same row.
poz. otwieracz
Horizontal Opener
After you jump on it, it will open all platforms in the same row.
przekątny zamykacz
Ray Shutter
When you land on it, all platforms along the diagonal path will be closed.
Exit Platform
The last platform you have to visit at each level and if all the other platforms have been closed within a given time limit (and you haven’t visited the numbered platforms in a wrong sequence) you will be promoted to a higher level. Otherwise, you will restart at the same level.